Cast steel globe valve design i sas per the API 600, BS 1873 and the ASME B16.34 standards...

Design Features

Cast steel globe valve design i sas per the API 600, BS 1873 and the ASME B16.34 standards.
Face to Facet dimension: ASME B16.10 , BS 2080 and ISO 5752.
Flanged End: ASME B16.5,
Shell Wall thickness: API 600 BS 1873.
Butt-weld End: ASME B16.25
Inspection and Test: API 598 , BS EN 12266 , ISO 5208

Casting Steel Material 

Visual check for cast steel material includes: surface quality, dimension, chemical properties, mechanical performance,
non-distructive testing to ensure that the comprehensive performance of raw materials comply
with the relevant ASTM, BS , EN , JIS standards.


The design provides the whole structure of low flow resistence channel structure, enables the body stiffness and
strenght to bear the nominal piping pressure and stress loading, the valve body wall thickness design complies
with the API 600, BS 1873 with sufficient margin corrosion resistance for the medium.


Bonnet can be designed with a variety of seal structure of body connection to meet the needs of different operating conditions,
the structure can be equipped to connect with jacketed, flat, spiral wound or metal ring gasket
or pressure-seal valve bonnet for class 900/1500/2500.


Seat structure can b e designed as per user requirements as a whole alloy steel materials pressed-in sealing structure,
welding sealing or screw connection in assembly.
The austenitic stainless steel body material can be provided with integral seat.


Disc design applies conventional seal structure of rigid cone with plug-oriented, plunger-seal structure,
the pressure balance disc, large-sized valves can be provided with dual plates for easy operation.

Seat and other materials 

The choice of materials for the seat and other seal material can be as per API 600 stadards or users design and manufacturing requirements.