Welcome to Mek Piping

Mek Piping Ltd., was founded in 2008, the headquarter and operating site is located in Poggiorsini (Ba). The choice of the location guarantees to Mek Piping Ltd the Leading position in the South-East of Italy.

The Company proposes targets of steady grow in the markets assuming a position of leaderschip in engineering and construction areas for metalworking sectors, petroleum refining, chemical, petrochemical, thermoelectric and off-shore platforms.

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Featured products


Our manufacture of industrial valves is well capable to produce several types of valves


Cast steel swing check valve design is in accordance with the Api 600, BS 1868 and the ASME B16.34 standards.


Design complies with the Api 600, Api 602, API 603, BS 1414

Slip-on Flange

Slip-on flanges are designed to slip over the outside of pipe, long-tangent elbows, reducers, and swages.

Weld Neck Flange

This flange comes in two types, regular and long. The hub of the weld neck is designed to reduce the stress at the base of the flange.

Hyperbaric Chamber

“A hyperbaric chamber is a device capable of withstanding an internal pressure of the fluid much higher than atmospheric. The chamber is designed to test equipments suitable to subsea applications.”